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We have the capability and experience to handle all aspects of your next aquarium project - from the initial design of your dream tank, to installation of equipment and aquatic life.

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From the calmness of the aquarium, to the heartbeat of the fountains and waterfall and the reliving therapy of the swimming pools
- Hilma Aqua Designs a through reflection of aquatic creativity.
We understand that your vision and expectation is key to a successful project. Hilma aquadesigns listens to your needs and creates a blueprint of what to expect throughout the design and build process.

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I greatly appreciate your assistance and guidance in upgrading my aquarium. Extremely knowledgeable and most helpful. Just great service. Highly recommend!

Funke Ayinde

The Hilma Aquarium team members are professionals. It’s such a joy working with you guys. An Aquarium in our office is amazing. I will recommend you to all my friends!

Linda Moris

Hilma Aqua Designs has been great to work with! They’ve been extremely responsive to any questions or needs we have. I highly recommend this team for your home or office aquarium maintenance.

Wole Johnson

Funke AyindeLinda MorisWole Johnson
Hilma Aqua Designs

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