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We Create Awesome Stuff

Enjoy the calmness of the aquarium, feel the beat of the fountains and the whistling of the waterfall, feel relaxed from the reliving therapy of pools - Hilma Aqua Designs a true reflection of aquatic creativity.

We understand that your vision and expectation is key to a successful project. Hilma aqua designs listens to your needs and creates a blueprint of what to expect through out the design and build process.

We will guide you through the initial process of listening to your ideas and needs, as well as discussing pro’s, con’s, and special considerations to avoid unanticipated costs later. Our team is experienced at taking in aspects of your proposed project to consider current and future landscaping, pertinent renovation or building plans, and utility infrastructure, so your project specs and budgeting is as comprehensive as possible. You’ll have the foundation to make initial decisions about the purpose of the project, ensure the functionality will meet your desires, and if the cost of proceeding will accurately represent the value the water feature will bring to your final project. Hilma aquadesigns can then provide design plans as well as contract with you on a design/build basis to complete the project.

How We Work

We have the capability and experience to handle all aspects of your next aquarium project - from the initial design of your dream tank, to installation of equipment and aquatic life.


Let’s explore the possibility of a custom water feature through the discovery phone call with our team.

Estimate & Sketchs

Once we understand your project and budget requirements, our team will provide you with a written estimate. We will also provide professional 3D drawings of the entire system.


After all edits have been approved and the drawings have been signed, the final proposal will be submitted for approval.

Production, Delivery & Installation

Once the preliminary phase of the project is complete, our team of manufacturers will begin creating your unique aquarium. We wiil then proceed with delivery and installation


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